Consulting for Companies

We Help Your Employees with Financial Literacy

We help companies educate their employees in financial literacy and, therefore, decrease the over indebtedness of employees, maximize the use of financial benefits, but mainly create a strong bond between the employee and the company.

And we will not neglect the bank and insurance contracts of the company itself. We will carefully analyze the needs, risks, and options and we will recommend a reasonable set-up and optimization of the whole portfolio.

A certified trainer can provide employee training with three course types:

Stop Seizures

We can help decrease the number of seizures and the uncomfortable paperwork your company has to deal with.

Financial Benefits

Motivates employees and increases company savings.

Finly Premium

Interesting and remarkable employee financial education.

Schedule a Meeting with our Financial Education Consultant

Just call and schedule a meeting with our certified consultant to determine which course is the best for your company.

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