Life and Property Insurance

Life Insurance that Protects You and Your Family

Sometimes life is not fair. Outside of fun and rejoice, it also brings about a list of uncomfortable and sometimes even tragic life events. The only thing that can truly protect you from them is a well-chosen insurance. The best protection for you and your closest ones is life insurance which financially secures you for a long period of time when a sudden loss of income comes to your life.

Life insurance is meant predominantly for economically productive people upon whose income are other lives dependent, namely children that are not able to take care of themselves and be a part of the job market.

A short period on the sick leave or a stay in a hospital are things that we all can almost always take in. But it is far more important to have a good insurance for more serious situations, which can have long-term consequences. Long-term or repeated sick leave, being handicapped due to a serious illness, permanent injury consequences - these are all things that we should keep in mind as a priority when thinking about life insurance. Then comes the time to think about the smaller risks.

It is always good to think about life insurance well in advance, as you can see in the table below. As age increases, also the risks of various illnesses increases and since older people are a bigger risk for an insurance company, this is reflected in the pricing of the policies.

Property Protection

The primary goal of a property insurance is its protection from consequences of unpredictable events. Property insurance provides a financial compensation in case of damage done due to a natural catastrophe, theft or robbery. It is necessary to discern between the household insurance and property insurance, because namely with apartment insurance there is often a mismatch. Household insurance covers only things belonging to a household, such as furniture, devices, valuables, appliances, tech, etc. On the opposite side stands property insurance which covers only the construction not the things the construction includes.

Property Insurance

Insurance of residential buildings and constructions is protected from the damages made by natural disasters and other risks and it can be found in the offer of many insurance companies. Property insurance is meant to secure buildings, constructions, and apartments from natural disasters and theft. Insurance is concluded mainly for three types of property: houses including secondary objects (sheds, garages, fences, wells, etc.), apartments (walls, floors, ceilings), and leisure objects (cottages and vacation homes).


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In case of insuring a property and household, it is also necessary to always find information about its placement in a flood zone. To find out the flood zone, you can use the CAP app, which is used by majority of insurance companies.

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Household Insurance

Household insurance protects your home from disasters and also regular risks and can help with mitigating the financial loss that arises as a result of these events. The insurance covers damage on things that are a part of the home and if they have been listed in the insurance conditions of the insurance company. This kind of insurance often covers two types of risks: the risk of theft and robbery and a risk of natural disaster, meaning damage of things due to fire, gas explosion, earthquake, floods, tree fall, plane fall, etc.

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Car Insurance

Every owner of a vehicle has the legal obligation to have insurance. Contrary to the obligatory insurance - correctly named legal insurance of the damage responsibility done by operating a motor vehicle - which is obligatory and a vehicle cannot enter traffic without it, the conclusion of an accident insurance is fully upon the decision of the vehicle owner. In case of damage, the insurance pays out the amount (damage compensation) to a person that has concluded this type of insurance and pays it (accident insurance) or to a person that has been damaged (obligatory insurance).


Third-party Insurance

Driving, sport, financial obligations - just a small list of everyday activities where a small mistake can cause a huge problem. It is enough to be at the wrong time at the wrong place and a disaster is here.

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