Mortgages and Loans

We Cooperate with All Banks as to Have the Broadest List of Options Ready for You

If your current savings are not enough to fulfil your goals and dreams, we can help you find the most appropriate way how to make the funds suffice. We most often help with financing your home with a mortgage or a building savings. And it is only up to you if you would like to buy, build or renovate a property or if you would like to refinance your current loan to receive better conditions.

Do not expect from us any general recommendations. We cooperate with all big mortgage providing banks and building societies on the Czech market. We are, therefore, able to provide you with an individual offer of a mortgage based on your requirements and financial potential, with all its advantages and disadvantages. We will not only compare interest rates, but also the full cost including all the fees related to the mortgage.

Calculate Mortgage

All credit commitments may be up to 45 % of monthly net income and up to 9 times the annual net income.
our minimum monthly salary must be:
the sum of the mediated mortgages
loan products
mediated mortgages in 2017

clients that have a home thanks to our help

We Will Advise You about a Mortgage

Did you think about a mortgage, whether you will be able to even afford it or you will be able keep up with the payments? We will calculate your monthly payments with comparing a wide variety of loan amounts and periods, even if you still have not found your chosen property. We will also recommend to you in which price level should be the property you will buy, which can help you in preventing potential problems when having the mortgage approved.

As a significant partner of banks, savings banks, and insurance companies, we have special offers from these companies (interest rates, fees, discounts, etc.), which you would not be able to negotiate at the branch on your own. All of this is thanks to the large amounts of mortgages we mediate for the banks. This also allows us to have a strong negotiating position with financial institutions.

Get a Better Mortgage

Get in touch with our mortgage expert who will be glad to help you with your questions.

We Will Always Recommend You the Most Advantageous Mortgage at the Time

We work the same way also in regards to non-purpose loans and consumer loans for anything. If there is a need to get a new car, we tailor the quote individually.

We also daily watch the offers of bank and loan companies. This is the reason you can rely on the fact that we will recommend you only the best offer you can find among mortgages and loans.


Regular annual payment with a long-term loan which includes the principal and the interest. The rate between the principal and the interest switches in favour of the principal with time.

Client's Credibility

Ability of the client to pay back based on the income and expenditures of the client. It also includes assessment of his education, housing, family conditions, and the loan registries.


Time frame during which the bank guarantees the same conditions (interest, fees, conditions of early pay back, etc.). The most frequent periods are one, three, and five years. We can, however, encounter longer fixing periods or fixing for the whole time of the loan.


A loan which is provided in exchange for a title to a property. It is defined in paragraph 3, § 28 about the mortgage titles of the law about bonds # 190/2004 Sb. from May 1, 2004.

Loan to Value

Is the ratio between the loan amount and the value of the title. For example, if you are buying a property with the value of CZK 1 million and you would like to get a mortgage for CZK 800,000, then your LTV is 80 %.


Annual per cent fee of costs - total costs which are related to the loan (including all the fees). RPSN is always the most important information rather than the interest rate, which does not provide you with the total cost fo the loan.

Blocking of Insurance Indemnity

In case of an insurance event is the insurance indemnity paid out to a third person. In most cases it is the insurance of a property or life insurance.


  • Artesa, spořitelní družstvo
  • Česká spořitelna, a.s.
  • Československá obchodní banka, a.s.
  • Diners Club CS, s.r.o., organizační složka
  • Equa bank, a.s.
  • Hypoteční banka, a.s.
  • Komerční banka, a.s.
  • mBank S.A., organizační složka
  • MONETA Money Bank, a.s.
  • NEY spořitelní družstvo
  • Oberbank AG, pobočka ČR (organizační složka)
  • Raiffeisenbank, a.s.
  • Sberbank CZ, a.s.
  • UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, a.s.
  • Wüstenrot hypoteční banka, a.s.
  • Zonky s.r.o.